Best Security Practices for Remote Working

One of the main changes that occurred overnight with the unexpected spread of the COVID-19 pandemic was the shift to a modern work climate in organisations around the globe. With the exception of a handful, for quite a long period, 99.9% of the company has no corporate continuity strategy. This has given the companies and their workers many obstacles. One of the greatest problems companies face is the protection of their company data on the personal computers of employees. We will be reviewing some of the best safety measures for remote workers

Core Organizational Security Measures
  1. Effective Briefing - It is necessary for companies to educate all their workers on data protection frequently
  2. Adhering to basic rules - Ex:- having a strong password
  3. Continuous scans of the devices 
  4. Strict controls on firewalls
  5. Banning foreign devices
  6. Safe Email Solutions
  7. Regular upgrades to operating system
  8. Suitable Information Backup
  9. Regular inspections of the systems
  10. Safe Server Hosting - Hosting the server should be achieved through safe channels and credential

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