DFCC Bank PLC : The first Sri Lankan bank to use Google G-Suite Enterprise.

The COVID19 pandemic has radically impacted most businesses in Sri Lanka. The full extent of damage incurred due to the lack of preparation for such circumstances by businesses island wide is yet to be realized and the road to complete economic recovery will be extensive.

This however has not been the case for one of the fastest growing banks in Sri Lanka, DFCC Bank PLC.

DFCC Bank experienced the benefits of an early decision to embark on the journey of digitization. As a result of signing up with Google, for “Google Apps for Business” productivity suite back in 2016 the bank was well equipped with many services and digital savvy to cater its valuable customers.

Now in keeping with their motto, ‘Keep Growing’, its CEO Mr. Lakshman Silva has made a historical step forward. He acknowledged, taking DFCC to the next level with full Digitization on every level is no longer optional, it is essential to safeguard the integrity of customer service provided by the bank in the immediate future. Mr. Silva and his team have agreed to lead the way with an aggressive move toward full digitization by upgrading from Google Apps for Business to Google G-suite for Enterprise.
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