New ASUS Google Meet Hardware starter kit and updated Meet compute system

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What’s changing

We’re introducing a new ASUS starter kit for Google Meet Hardware, helpful for those who take frequent video conferences from home or from smaller-sized rooms. The starter kit includes the Huddly camera, speakermic, compute system, and remote control (versus touch controller). It requires less space and is a more affordable way to keep colleagues, partners and customers around the world connected, face-to-face.

We’re also refreshing existing ASUS kits with the new ASUS Google Meet compute system (formerly Chromebox). This new Meet compute system is slimmer and easier to deploy than previous versions, with a longer device lifespan of five years.

We'll be launching a Meet compute system with Logitech in partnership with CTL, coming soon. Stay tuned to the G Suite Updates blog for more information.

For those returning to shared meeting spaces, we have made voice controls available in beta to make it easier to host touch-free meetings. Customers who wish to sign up for the beta can do so here. Voice controls will be generally available in the coming months.

Who’s impacted

Why you’d use it?

ASUS Google Meet starter kit

  • Remote control with built-in keyboard saves space over having a dedicated touch display
  • More affordably deliver meeting experiences to the home or office

Meet compute system

  • Fast: Ultra-fast boot up and automatic synchronization with existing Chrome services
  • Compact: At less than eight inches around, fits any size workspace or mounting application
  • Powerful: Intel i7 processor upgraded with 128GB SSD
  • Lasting: Five years end-of-life (EOL) support, enterprise grade manufacturing and testing, two-year warranty
  • Innovative: Designed for easy installation with screwless and magnetic mounting
  • Efficient: Single-sided ports for precise cable management and easy access


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