New features for Google Sites: Templates, announcement banners, and access for children with Google Accounts

Three new features in Google Sites
  1. Site templates - Quickly and easily create high-quality sites optimized for common uses. 
  2. Announcement banners - Highlight important information to make sure site visitors see time-sensitive updates. 
  3. Access for Family Link accounts - Enable users with Google Accounts managed by Family Link to view and edit sites. 
Why is it important?
Announcement banners, for example, may help companies convey vital details to clients easily. The use of templates to build high-quality sites without needing expertise in architecture or coding will help educational institutions and businesses allow remote learning and working. In general, we hope the updates would allow Sites a more effective platform for exchanging knowledge through distributed audiences.
10 templates have been made for popular uses of the site for this project, available in 16 languages. With one press, you can launch a site with a professional look and feel to match a particular function. You will then configure the web site and render it your own. Examples of sites hat templates will make it easier to create include:
  1. Help centers: Help users learn how to use new tools and resources, for example tools to enable a remote workforce or remote learning for students. 
  2. Project sites: Help colleagues or classmates collaborate on a project remotely. 
  3. Class or team sites: Have a centralized place for team resources and information. 
  4. Club sites: Enable students to continue club activities while remote learning. 
  5. Small business sites: Keep customers informed about your business, like your restaurant or design services, while they’re social distancing. 
Announcement banners 
Announcement banners enable site owners to convey crucial information to the guests in a timely manner. They show details in a banner at the top of the web, capturing the eye of viewers as they arrive on the website
Access for accounts managed with Family Link
 Although personal Google accounts operated by Family Connection will also use Sites, students with G Suite for Education accounts can tend to use their school accounts to sign in to the Sites and other G Suite features to complete their school work.

Who is impacted?

  • Templates and announcement banners: All site owners and editors. 
  • Access for Family Link accounts: Site editors and viewers with Family Link accounts. 
This feature will be ON by default

Important note: This applies only to pages that have been developed with new sites. Family Link-based personal accounts would also not be able to access or change sites controlled with classic sites.


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