TIMESPOT : Leave and Attendance - Everything you need to know about

What is TIMESPOT ?

Leave and Attendance mobile and web application (Also called Timespot application) is for any kind of an organization. The leave management software aims at helping users to address leave and attendance related work in multiple disciplinary angles. The main focus of the leave and attendance system is to minimize the time, documentary and physical movements which consume to manage the manual leave system in an organization. This brilliant leave and attendance application holds powerful features which will increase productivity and enables HR department’s to smoothly control the leave and absence situation in the company, make decisive and on-the-spot approval.

We always deliver the best value proportion to our customers which enables you to take the maximum for the amount you pay. Accordingly, the sublimes of Finetech Leave and Attendance system are as follows: 

➢ Google Single Sign on 
➢ Configurable leave types 
➢ Unique leave and attendance application forms 
➢ Integration of existing bio-metric devices and the mobile application 
➢ Attendance and live job tracking
➢ Working from home application facility 
➢ Integration of Google calendar events 
➢ Collaboration with Google Cloud 
➢ User Friendliness 
➢ Effective Report Generation And many more ...


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