New quick settings help you optimize your Gmail layout

This can be called as an interactive and a quick method to toggle around settings. A comfy view where you can find different themes, layouts and other settings. This actually gives a new look to old settings.

Once you click on settings, you will now see various interfaces, different kinds of inboxes and display options among your actual inbox. The inbox will be updated immediately when an option is chosen so you can compare choices and see how the settings work in real time. The total settings menu is still accessible by clicking at the top of the new Quick Settings menu on the "See all settings" button.

What’s really included?

  1. Customizing the density of text and information displayed 
  2. Choosing a different inbox type to help intelligently prioritize and organize emails
  3. Adding reading panes to quickly see email contents
  4. Applying themes to personalize the look and feel of your inbox
  5. Applying themes to personalize the look and feel of your inbox 

This new update will be ON by default and will be available to all G Suite customers as well as users with personal accounts.


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