Storing and analyzing your data on Google Cloud

Google Provides the same infrastructure that provides the robust data ,rapid access, reliability and scalability that it uses to serve search results , index the web, run Gmail to all users to run all their own applications. Google Cloud Storage is a service for storing and accessing data in Google’s cloud.

Google Cloud Storage 

Google Cloud Storage offers direct access to Google's adoptable storage and networking, just as incredible authentication and data sharing components. Google lets you store records of any size and manage access to your information on an individual or group premise. Information stored in Google Cloud Storage can be assigned as public or private. Open information can be shared to anybody, empowering you to utilize Google Cloud Storage as a conductor to make chosen portions of your information accessible outside your organization.

Google Cloud Storage empowers developers to store their data in Google's cloud. Google Cloud Storage is obviously fit to fill in as a content repository containing a boundless number of records of any size that can be imparted to other people and quickly accessed.

In many cases, Google Cloud Storage acts as the intermediary storage facility for other services in the Google Cloud Platform. For example, it acts as the staging service for Google Cloud SQL and BigQuery to access data from other systems and export data to other systems.

Google Cloud SQL

Google Cloud SQL allows you to create, configure, and use MySQL databases that live in Google’s cloud. It is a fully-managed service that maintains, manages, and administers your databases.

Google Cloud SQL is fundamentally intended for automatic use within applications. It has an intuitive UI, which is useful for finding out about the product, beginning utilizing it, exploring the pattern, and submitting preliminary inquiries. MySQL is a full relational database framework that supports full SQL syntax and table administration instruments.

Google Cloud SQL is good for small or medium data sets that:

  • Must be kept consistent
  • Are updated frequently 
  • Are queried frequently in many different ways


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