Improved Google Calendar event creation on the web

A year ago, it was said that upgrades to the event creation flow in Google Calendar on the web. More editable

event fields into the pop up dialog, it includes below:

  1. Guest permissions - Offer guests permission to access the list of guests, invite others or edit an event.

  2. Attachments - Add attachments directly beside the event’s description

  3. Calendar preview - Choose a colour of an event, modify alerts, set free / busy and adjust visibility of an event

“Find a time” feature in this view is also upgraded, Overlaying calendars of potential guests to help you quickly choose the best time for everyone

With these adjustments, you can now add all the relevant information from a single window to your Calendar event without bothering yourself to click on "More options" saving you much more time when scheduling an event.

Available to all G Suite customers and this latest creation flow will automatically show up on the web in Calendar.


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