New features to help improve and analyse data in Google Sheets


What can you think when it comes to smart clean up in sheets? This update will help you to update & analyse data in a sheet.

  1. Cleanup suggestions - This helps to ensure that the information is correct by finding and recommending solutions for frequent data errors.

  2. Column stats - Offers automatic information about the values inside a column, so you can spot outliers and easily get an understanding of what the data looks like.


These features support in detecting potential cleanup activities and help you to be more sure that simple errors do not affect your results. By creating intelligent views that can help surface insight, it would also encourage faster analysis, which you will then choose to explore more closely.

Cleanup suggestions 

It's necessary to clean up your data by rectifying errors and ensuring data accuracy before reviewing and making decisions based on data in your sheets. Cleanup suggestions  will help you achieve this by surfacing the side panel with intelligent ideas. Such recommendations may involve eliminating additional spaces, removing redundant rows, adding formatting of numbers, detecting inconsistencies, fixing incorrect results, and more. This will help to make the cleaning of data easier and more accurate.

Column stats 

By automatically producing visualisations and key statistics that give insight into the details in a given column, column stats will help you easily get a sense of your results. Count and distribution charts, frequency tables, and summary statistics can be provided in these insights. This will help you catch possible outliers easily and move on to further research comfortably.

Cleanup suggestions: When you are in Sheets, go to Data > Cleanup suggestions. When you import data into Sheets, you may see a proactive notification as well


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