Rooms in Google Chat to be unthreaded to give greater flexibility


This change will help all of you to have an easy conversation & it allows for greater flexibility when it comes to communication. With this update later this month, unless you turn on threading, conversations can not use threads when you build a new room. Note that after it's built, you can not alter whether a room is threaded or unthreaded.

In comparison, unlike in threaded rooms, you can turn history on and off in unthreaded rooms. In the Admin console, a room history setting is available that helps administrators to determine the default history setting for rooms within their company that accept the move.

Note that your existing rooms will not change.


For admins this feature will be available by default. Admins can set a room history setting for unthreaded rooms & for end users, unthreaded rooms will now be the default. You can switch on threaded replies when creating the room.


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