Productivity just got easier with Google Workspace and AppSheet!

Google Workspace, an integrated platform that seamlessly brings together Google’s communication and collaboration tools with messaging, meetings, docs, and tasks all in one place.

Google Workspace makes it even easier for teams to use the tools they love and work better together. That’s why, Workspace users will be able to create AppSheet apps directly from Google Sheets. Plus, Workspace customers using AppSheet will be given access to our Free plan, and Workspace Enterprise+ can now have full access to AppSheet Pro.

Interested in trying it out? Open up a Google Sheet with data you’d like to turn into an app. Go to Tools > Open in AppSheet and create an AppSheet account if you haven’t yet. Then AppSheet will immediately analyze the data structure and automatically create a prototype app.

Google Workspace and AppSheet empower customers to build custom solutions to help solve their most pressing challenges. For example, you could improve workplace safety with a custom-built safety app linked to Google Docs, or you could boost a repair team’s productivity by building a work order app that integrates with Google Meet. 

This is just the start. As Google continues the mission of improving productivity and collaboration for everyone, they will be making it even easier for you to leverage Workspace and AppSheet together.

Happy app building!

By Chris Bailey


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