Your progress is automatically saved as you respond to forms and quizzes


When you answer a Google Form, quiz, or quiz assessment in classroom whilst logged into your Google account, your progression is recorded as a draft for 30 days from the last update, or until the submission is complete.

Few reasons why this feature is important,

  • Inability of completing a form at once
  • Not having stable internet connection
  • Having to switch between several devices

Above feature can be disabled by the owners of and the editors in special occasion like,

  • When embedded in websites
  • When used for repeated data entry
  • On certain shared devices, such as registration or information kiosks

As the feature is on by default and you can disable by opening your -  settings -> presentation -> restrictions and select “Disable autosave for all respondents”

Form respondents can check their response by clicking on the form link in the same account.

Feature is available to all Google Workspace customers, G Suite Basic and Business customers & users with personal Google accounts.


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