These Features Will Help You Secure Your Virtual Event on Zoom


The Zoom platform has been used for many events such as celebrations, company conferences & events, Zumba & yoga classes, Class get togethers and many more. Zoom recently launched their new platform Zoom Events - an all-in-one platform designed for digital events that acts as a layer above our existing Zoom Video Webinars and Zoom Meetings products. 

Zoom Events provides everything you need to confidently build, host, and manage a virtual or hybrid event, whether it’s a large sales meeting, unique customer experience, internal event, trade show, or corporate summit.

For users hoping to create a safe and engaging event experience using Zoom, the Zoom Events solution has a few key security features you should know about.

Zoom Events security features

Here are a few ways Zoom Events works to help protect your online event experience:

  • Unique ticket creation: Zoom Events generates a unique ticket to speakers and each person who registers for an event to help maintain accurate attendance. In order to join an event, the attendee has to be logged in to Zoom with the same account they used to register.

  • No unregistered users: Every attendee has to sign up for Zoom to join a Zoom Event, which helps reduce the potential for uninvited guests. Users do not need a paid account to attend. 

  • User authentication: Attendees have to be authenticated by the Zoom website and the Zoom client to be able to join an event. 

  • Consistent with updates: To use Zoom Events, users must be on the latest version of the Zoom client to help reinforce events with any recent fixes and feature updates. 

  • Event visibility: Events can be configured as ‘viewable’ to anyone with the session URL, or internal to users within your Zoom account. 

  • Restricted guest list: Hosts can set up private events for a limited guest list or restrict users from specific domains.

  • Optional event lobby: Hosts can create an optional “lobby” where attendees can interact and network. While a great way to foster connection, the event lobby feature can be turned off if desired.

  • Registration summary: Within the Zoom Events interface, you can easily track the tickets sold to see who has registered for your event.

Individual sessions on Zoom Events can be held with Zoom Meetings or Video Webinars. 

Safe & engaging online experiences for all 

Regardless of whether you’re hosting a large-scale conference or an internal event, Zoom Events are designed to help you create the best experience for your attendees. 

At Zoom, we work to weave security seamlessly into the user experience. By providing tailored features and settings, we strive to help our customers create safe and engaging online experiences designed to support their unique needs.

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