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VMware and Google Cloud: The next chapter


Google Cloud Next and VMworld 2021 are less than two weeks away, and the partnership between Google Cloud and VMware is entering a new chapter. Over the past year, our close partnership with VMware and mutual dedication to customer success has inspired us to deliver several innovative capabilities, including expanding the service to 12 regions worldwide along with our industry-leading 99.99% availability, multi-region networking, and improved scalability to make it easy for customers to rapidly migrate to the cloud. 

"Our collaboration with Google is noteworthy because of the value it brings to our joint customers. The mutual success we have had partnering with Google on solutions that enable VMware workloads to run natively in the cloud with Google Cloud VMware Engine and digital workspace with Android and Chrome Enterprise is a testament to the quality of our joint offerings,” said Gregory Lehrer, VP Strategic Technology Partnerships, VMware. “As a result of our ongoing collaboration, we continue to see customers adopting our joint solution, indicating a strong and effective partnership. Our joint roadmap for the future points to an upward trajectory as we scale to meet anticipated demand.

Across industries, customers are increasingly looking to accelerate their digital transformation due to the need for app modernization, aging infrastructure on-premises, and the need to meet customer needs in an always-on, digital environment. Customers such as Carrefour, a global retailer across 30 countries, quickly moved their on-premises environment to Google Cloud VMware Engine, while reducing operating costs by 40% and energy consumption by 45%. Furthermore, they were able to simultaneously improve the experience for shoppers and employees, and bolstered sales and shopper engagement with personalized offers. 

Companies are also looking to migrate and modernize their business with Google Cloud VMware Engine. LIQ, a CRM software company, migrated 80% of business applications and 50% of databases in just three months, and now plan to modernize their applications with microservices to lower maintenance time and costs. Looking forward, we’re focused on helping customers derive greater ROI from their investments in three ways:

  • Flexibility - Single node Private Cloud SDDC to enable trials or proof-of-concept validations at a much lower cost.

  • Availability - New geographic zones and expanded capacity within zones to better serve local business needs and continue to maintain data sovereignty within local regions.

  • Ecosystem integrations - Building on our leading open platform, we’ve developed even more integrations with solutions across the ecosystem. VMware has validated it’s Disaster Recovery tool (Site Recovery Manager), Virtualization management tool (vRealize Cloud Management), as well as Virtual Desktop Infrastructure tool (Horizon Desktop) to ensure you can bring your mission critical applications to the cloud without disruption.

We continue to focus on making migrations simpler as well. The recently announced Catalyst Program now provides even greater financial flexibility as eligible customers can get one-time Google Cloud credits to help offset existing VMware license investments. The program is consumption-based and designed to provide even more value as you accelerate your migration to the cloud. Furthermore, programs such as our Rapid Assessment and Migration Program (RAMP) provide free assessment and planning tools to reduce complexity, enable choice, and increase flexibility throughout the migration process.

There’s much more to come from VMware and Google Cloud. We’re proud to be a Platinum Sponsor at VMworld 2021 and invite you to join us to learn more about our commitment to enabling digital transformation. Be sure to catch the fireside chat with Google Cloud CEO Thomas Kurian and VMware CEO Raghu Raghuram as they discuss industry trends and customer success. You’ll also hear more from our joint-customers and our product leaders about what’s to come. We can’t wait to connect with you virtually at the event.


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