Add Some Virtual Fun This Holiday Season with Zoom Apps


We know that video meetings have become a big part of how you stay connected across your professional and personal communities — from team syncs to family gatherings and everything in between. Zoom Apps right inside your Zoom experience can make virtual or in-person gatherings with family and friends or colleagues easy, engaging, and fun! 

We’ve gathered a handful of Zoom Apps to help you get the virtual party started. Happy Zooming!

Mentimeter Festive Quizzes

Bring some friendly competition to your virtual get-togethers this year with Mentimeter’s fun seasonal quizzes. With many ready-to-use quiz templates, use the Mentimeter for Zoom app to gather loved ones together wherever they may be and test their trivia knowledge on some favorite holiday traditions. Get started with Winter, Hanukkah, Christmas, or Kwanzaa quizzes!

LGN Poker Night

Deal your family in this holiday season with Live Game Night Poker and Zoom! LGN offers live audio, video, and chat through Zoom so you can play together even when you can’t be together. With this customizable online Texas Hold ’Em poker game, you can chat, joke, bluff, and share those big hands together via Zoom.

Werewolf Friends

Werewolf Friends is an interactive game to play with your friends and family over Zoom! With players separated into two groups – villagers and werewolves – the villagers’ goal is to find out the werewolves’ identity while werewolves try to stay as inconspicuous as possible to overrun the village. The game ends when the villagers have managed to exile all the werewolves or the werewolves have overrun the village.

Pexels – Virtual Backgrounds

Home for the holidays (again)? Be the star of every holiday party or brighten up your family gatherings with a curated selection of festive backgrounds available now on the Pexels app for Zoom. With our featured collections, your perfect virtual background is just one click away!

Ready to get started? 

Make sure you’ve downloaded the latest version of our client. 

Open Zoom and click the Apps tab in the desktop client or in the toolbar of your next Zoom Meeting. For some accounts, users may need admins to enable the Zoom Apps icon in the account settings for it to be visible in the desktop client and meeting toolbar.

Click Discover to see the list of available Zoom Apps and add your favorites. 

You can also go to the Zoom App Marketplace, navigate to the Zoom Apps category, and add the apps of your choice. Once added, you can find them under the Apps icon in the My Apps tab in your client and in the interface of your Zoom Meetings.

Your company’s IT admins can also control how Zoom Apps are used across your organization with admin settings. Your admin may require that you get pre-approval before adding specific Zoom Apps, so be sure that they have pre-approved the apps you would like to use within your meetings.

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