Improved and updated security menu in the Admin Console


Quick launch summary 

We have updated the “Security” category within the left-hand navigation of the Admin console by: 
  • Adding navigation access to security features previously only accessible from the Security settings page. 
  • Adding Authentication, Access & data controls, and Security center subcategories making it easier to find the features available. 
  • Updating the name of the Security Settings page to Overview. 
We hope these improvements will make it easier for admins to discover, access, and manage our suite of security tools.

The updated Security navigation within the Admin console

Additional details

Instead of the previous single list, security features are now categorized by Authentication, Access & data controls, and Security center.  Availability of some subcategories and features will depend on your specific Google Workspace edition:

Authentication provides account and password management capabilities including:
  • 2-step verification
  • Account recovery
  • Advanced Protection Program
  • Login challenges
  • Password management
  • SSO with SAML applications
  • SSO with third party IdP

Access and data controls provide granular capabilities to manage your data through devices, browsers and applications including:

  • API controls
  • Client-side encryption
  • Context-Aware Access
  • Data protection
  • Google Session control
  • Google Cloud session control
  • Less secure apps

Security center provides advanced security information and analytics including:

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