All You Need to Know About Smart Gallery and Why It’s Changing Hybrid Meetings


When many of us switched to working from home, we became accustomed to getting a clear view of everyone’s faces in Zoom Gallery View. The hybrid work environment, with employees hosting meetings in office conference rooms while others attend from home, complicates the meeting experience. 

Video meetings held in traditional meeting spaces can make it difficult for remote participants to see everyone in the room, depriving them of key communication elements like facial expressions and body language. To ensure remote workers can collaborate digitally as effectively as they can in person, organizations must democratize the experience for all of their employees, no matter where they work.

That’s why we’ve worked closely with our hardware partners to create Zoom Rooms Smart Gallery, an innovative way to make your hybrid meetings more equitable. 

Smart Gallery is a Zoom Rooms feature that uses cutting-edge hardware and AI to create individual video feeds of in-room participants, giving remote participants a clearer view of their in-room counterparts. 

Smart Gallery technology automatically optimizes the meeting experience for you by adapting to people entering or leaving the room, so there’s no need for someone to manage the room settings or constantly reposition the camera to capture everyone. 

A hybrid work model depends on seamless communication and collaboration between remote and in-office teams. However, remote workers who can’t clearly see the faces and expressions of their in-office colleagues miss out on critical aspects of communication that lead to effective collaboration and may even feel left out of the experience.

With current support for up to three video streams, Smart Gallery separates in-room participants into their own individual video tile. This provides remote workers with a clear view of in-room participants, creating an environment where everyone can communicate and collaborate in the same way. And when everyone has more equal representation in the meeting, participants can feel more confident to speak up, interact, and lead collaboration sessions, no matter where they join from. 

It’s easy to get started with Smart Gallery! All you’ll need to get started is:

  • A Zoom Room Appliance that supports multiple camera streams. Smart Gallery is currently supported on Neat Bar, Neat Board, Poly Studio X30, and Studio X50
  • Zoom Rooms version 5.8.0 or higher

To activate this feature, it’s as simple as going into the setting on a Zoom Rooms controller, accessing the Camera Control settings and selecting Multi-Stream. 

You can also set Smart Gallery as the default view for meetings held in your Zoom Room at the room or account level. To set Smart Gallery as the default view:

  1. Sign into the Zoom web portal 
  2. Under the Room Management tab, click Zoom Rooms, then navigate to  Settings. The default settings can be configured at Account, location, and room level 
  3. Scroll down to the Devices heading, and toggle the Multi-Stream setting on 

Host more equitable meetings today

To see how Smart Gallery can transform your hybrid meetings, set up a free demo with a Zoom product specialist!

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