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Updates are essential in the technology industry. When there are exciting new features or a software bug or vulnerability that needs resolution, we release updates to the Zoom client. Sometimes that update doesn’t get on everyone’s radar — many people get busy and forget to update their applications.

We are excited to announce we’re launching an automatic update feature designed to streamline this process and help make security second nature.

How to get updates automatically

To help simplify the update process, you can turn on automatic updates right in the Zoom client.

Here’s how it works: 

  • In Settings, under General, select the ‘Automatically keep my Zoom up to date’ checkbox to apply automatic updates.
  • You will be prompted to enter admin credentials to give automatic updates permission to run, but it will only be required when enabling this setting.
  • Once a new version of Zoom is available and you’re not in a Zoom Meeting, you will be prompted to update. If you’re in a meeting, you will be prompted with the update immediately after it ends.
  • You may also express a preference for how frequently to receive updates. The ‘Slow’ option, selected by default, provides less frequent updates and focuses on maximizing stability. The ‘Fast’ option allows you to adopt the latest features and updates as soon as they become available. When critical security updates are involved, updates will go to everyone.

Users who enable this feature will automatically receive updates to Zoom software in the future. This feature may already be enabled for some devices on enterprise Zoom accounts, where the administrator has existing auto-update settings enabled. More on that in the Q&A section below.

What to know about automatic updates

Want to learn more about automatic updates and what this means for your Zoom account? Here’s more information on this exciting new feature:
Does the new automatic update feature apply to me?

For most individual users, automatic updates will be enabled by default. When enabled, users will have the opportunity to opt-out of automatic updates for their desktop client after the first install or first update where this feature is present. Users can also change this preference at any time by checking or unchecking “Automatically keep my Zoom up to date” under Zoom > Settings > General.

For members of an enterprise that use Zoom via mass deployment packages for Windows (MSI) and macOS (PKG), updates are typically managed by your system administrator, and these user-level features are disabled by default.
For enterprise organizations that deploy the EXE or DMG packages, automatic updates will be enabled by default but can be disabled through administrative controls.

You can visit our help center for more information on mass deployment with preconfigured settings for Windows and Mac.

How often will I receive automatic updates (when enabled)?

Automatic update periodically checks Zoom servers to determine whether a new update is available. Zoom publishes client updates monthly, with infrequent out-of-cycle updates as needed.

What happens if I don’t click on the prompt to automatically update? 

If the Zoom client has downloaded the update but you decline to install it when prompted, the update will automatically install the next time the Zoom client is restarted. 

Doesn’t Zoom already have an automatic update feature? 

Yes. This update improves the existing experience and expands the intended audience to include all individual desktop client users who are not members of an enterprise organization.  We will continue to iterate and improve on the automatic update experience in future releases.

Is this available across all devices? 

This automatic update feature is currently available for the desktop Zoom client on Windows and macOS. Mobile devices can be automatically updated through their respective app stores. Linux is not currently supported.

Modernizing our security strategy

Automatic updates help our users easily receive important security fixes and helpful features, improving their overall experience with the Zoom platform. We’re excited to support our users with this exciting new feature, one we’ll continue to evolve in the months to come.

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