From “hidden secret” to open secret: The year ahead for AppSheet


At Google Cloud NEXT last year, Thomas Kurian referred to AppSheet as Google Cloud's hidden secret—a platform that enables everyone, from developers to marketers to frontline workers, to create powerful applications and automations without writing a single line of code. Now, as we move into 2022, the secret is out. 

In 2021, we saw more people using AppSheet than ever before, and we’re in awe of the creativity we’ve seen from this community in the sheer variety of apps created. That community ranges from American Electric Power field workers using custom apps to streamline energy and utility work, to non-profit New Incentives using no-code to help increase immunization rates, to the informative discussion that was generated around the no-code fitness app (you can build it yourself in five steps). We love watching it all grow.  

Supporting our vibrant community 

Our most important commitment is to each and every member of our growing AppSheet community. Below are a few actions we’re taking to provide a richer experience: 

  1. We’re launching a new community for AppSheet creators. I’m excited to announce that today we launched a new Google Cloud Community open to all members of the AppSheet community! This new space will provide an improved venue for engagement, product feedback, and education content. 

  2. We’re making it easier for everyone to learn AppSheet. Throughout the year you will see investments in learning and education, starting with a new AppSheet foundation course available on CourseraPluralsight, and CloudSkillsBoost.  

  3. We’re continuing to invest in AppSheet for good. In 2020, we began offering our platform for free to those combatting the COVID pandemic and will continue to do so through 2022. There have been countless stories on how no-code has helped solve problems quickly during this time. If you’re looking for an example, look no further than the aforementioned story from non-profit New Incentives. 

Our roadmap for the future  

Last year, we set a strong foundation for the types of investments you can expect to see in 2022. From an innovation perspective, our investments in automation and integration provided two milestone moments in 2021. 

The first, AppSheet Automation, helps non-technical users reclaim their time and talent by automating business processes. As noted in The Forrester Wave: Low-code Platforms for Business Developers, Q4, 2021“Features for process automation and AI are leading.” 

The second, AppSheet in Gmail, was a major step in improving the creation experience by integrating products used every day. While Google is an open platform, this specific update provides Google Workspace customers the ability to work more efficiently by bringing their AppSheet apps directly into Gmail. 

For our customers, these investments have transformed many facets of their business. For example, Roig Agro Cacao, a cacao producer in the Dominican Republic, created a bot in AppSheet that checks if its farmers are using the appropriate sustainable products, then sends an interactive report to the relevant managers’ email. Derick Paula Rosario, an application manager explains, “AppSheet in Gmail makes the process of reviewing nonconformities fast and easy, because the data can be displayed better and more information can be presented to judge and make decisions.”

For 2022 we are focused on working with the broader Google Workspace community to address four key areas that will improve the lives of people across the globe. 

  1. Work has changed. It’s a phrase that has become synonymous with the past few years, and continues to gain urgency as time progresses. A large part of this change will be an increase in access to technology for those who work on the front line. Whether it’s in healthcare, manufacturing, farming, or for another form of deskless work, technology is evolving to become more helpful and efficient, better connecting those in the field to those in the (remote) office. 

  2. AppSheet creates more value when integrated with the products and services you use every day. At Google, we believe the best way we can support a job that needs to be done is by providing a seamless integration experience. AppSheet in Gmail demonstrates how seamless integrations can become when you combine the power of no-code with the efficiency of Google Workspace. The other important piece? Third-party solutions that allow your ecosystem to expand without compromise. A great example of this is Scandit, our new Smart Data Capture partner. By integrating Scandit's SDK, apps created on AppSheet have enterprise-grade barcode and QR code capture capabilities out of the box. Given how important fast, accurate and efficient mobile barcode and QR code scanning is for frontline workers, having robust and easy ways to implement these mission-critical features will help ensure success for our customers.

  3. Zero trust security is essential. Every organization has a unique technology ecosystem, meaning that cloud providers must not only meet organizations where they’re at, but also provide innovative solutions to take them to the next stage of growth. A key part of this will be platforms that provide zero trust security and governance capabilities, similar to what is available in AppSheet today. 

  4. Last, but not least, apps need intelligence. A central theme of our platform and our overall mission is to empower everyone to build applications and automations quickly. Often referred to as citizen development, analysts believe this skillset will soon become standard for workers of every type in every field, much like we see with spreadsheets today. The key to developing this skill set will be leveraging a helpful platform with AI and ML baked into its core features. This is where Google can really help you succeed. 

As we’ve outlined above, this year is full of new and exciting opportunities for us all. May 2022 be the biggest and best year yet! To learn more about AppSheet, or try it for free, click here.


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