Build custom, integrated solutions across Google Workspace with the new AppSheet Apps Script connector


Google is introducing a new AppSheet and Apps Script connector which allows you to extend custom, no-code apps to integrate and automate workflows across Google Workspace. 

The Apps Script Connector will be available for users in the AppSheet Core plan and above, which is available to users of the Google Workspace Enterprise edition. Users in the AppSheet Starter plan can test the feature. Learn more from AppSheet documentation. 

AppSheet is Google’s platform for building no-code custom apps and workflows to automate business processes. AppSheet works well with mixed data sources, even if customer data is stored across Sheets, CloudSQL, or on-premise databases. 

Apps Script is Google’s hosted JavaScript platform that makes it easy to build solutions that integrate, automate, and extend Google Workspace. Apps Script is integrated with Google Workspace APIs and includes native integrations to Google services such as YouTube, Google Analytics, and BigQuery. 

You can use the AppSheet Apps Script connector to extend custom no-code apps to integrate and automate workflows across Google Workspace. This is useful in a variety of scenarios, such as use cases in the retail, manufacturing or public sector. For example, you could use the connector with your AppSheet app to: 

  • Receive employee travel requests via the web, and when a request is made, it can look up the requestor’s manager and send a chat or email notification for approval. 
  • Allow workers to capture photos from their mobile device for on-site inspections, and upload images and media to Google Drive and adjust Drive sharing settings to ensure auditors have access. 
  • Manage shift schedules and appointments through a simple web interface, and when a time slot is booked, create an event on Google Calendar with the requestor invited. 

Admins and Developers: As a feature of AppSheet, this will be available based on the admin control for AppSheet. There is no admin control for this individual feature, only a product-level admin control for AppSheet.

Rapid and Scheduled Release domains: Full rollout (1–3 days for feature visibility) starting on April 13, 2022 

The Apps Script Connector will be available for users in the AppSheet Core plan and above (available to Google Workspace Enterprise, see AppSheet pricing). Users in the Starter plan can test the feature. 

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