Finetech appointed as Google Maps Platform Partner for Sri Lanka

For as long as explorers have journeyed the seven seas, maps have been the key instrument to getting them to where they want to go. This ancient “art form” has truly evolved to a tool in the 21st century that allows not just individuals, but also businesses, to quite literally navigate their way to a desired destination. Understanding the importance and unending possibilities, Google developed the Google Maps APIs in 2005. Since then it has evolved to Google Maps Platform and helps organizations and developers create better experiences and improve operations through detailed Geo-spatial data for more than 250 countries and territories. 

Google’s work transformation certified partner in Sri Lanka since 2010, Finetech Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd recently became a Google Maps Premier Partner, adding to their list of capabilities with Google Cloud products and services. Becoming a Google Maps Premier Partner means FCPL is specialized in providing Geo-spatial experiences to their end users to optimize their businesses. 

“Given the growing digital landscape in Sri Lanka and the world, Google Maps Platform plays a key role for many businesses that are involved in delivery of goods and services, and others that use geo-spatial data. The platform provides a range of products and solutions that can take businesses to the next level. Finetech being a Premier Partner means clients who use Google Maps Platform through us are entitled to a host of benefits and round-the-clock service to set-up and run their experiences,” said Finetech’s Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Clehan Pulle. 

FCPL’s Google Maps Platform set-up teams are fully equipped to customize your personal map settings from scratch. With cloud-based maps styling, customizing and deploying maps is now easier and faster than ever. You can also tailor them to your brand with custom markers, colors, images, and more. 

Google Maps Platform provides information about more than 200 million listed places around the world, and whether it is in the bustling cities or the quiet towns, setting up locations and helping people find you is simple. Using a Premier Partner like FCPL will give you access to expert advice, new product and upgrade alerts, access to volume-based tiered pricing structure, technical support 24/7, proactive account management, in-depth reporting and recognition of your platforms globally. As a Google Maps Platform partner, we can help you to solve current business challenges and develop new digital models to optimize your business needs. 

For more information on setting up Google Maps Platform for your business please contact +94712343322

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