Ministry of Education, Maldives partners with Finetech Consultancy to implement Google’s Future Classroom


Further cementing its position as Google’s largest and only Premier Partner in the South East Asian region, Finetech Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd (FCPL), recently ventured into the Education Sector in the Maldives with a key initiative. The Education Ministry of the Maldives chose FCPL as its partner to onboard Google Workspace Education Plus as it embarks on digitizing the education system in the Maldives. The partnership agreement was penned between FCPL’s Founder and Director/CEO Clehan Pulle and Naushad Ibrahim - Senior Policy Director on behalf of the Maldivian Ministry of Education.

“During the recent pandemic the entire world had to adapt itself to online education and it has brought about significant change in the idea of school itself. For countries like Sri Lanka and the Maldives that have such high literacy rates in the region the transition is of vital importance to keep students focused and continue the standards. We are indeed happy to be contributing to the Maldivian Education Ministry’s efforts to digitize their education system and provide better access to education for their children”, FCPL’s Founder and Director/CEO Clehan Pulle said.

Google for Education provides open technologies to improve learning for anyone anywhere. Education in fact is one of Google’s core values as it strives to ‘organize the world’s information and make it universally accessible and useful’. Google also believes in teaching cutting-edge technologies to equip future generations with the skills they need to thrive in the workforce of today and tomorrow.

The proposed “Future Classroom” model aims to transform how lessons are taught by improving communication between the teacher and student, and even the parent and school administrations. It also provides teachers with innovative ways of keeping their classes engaged while giving students a platform to actively contribute towards how and what they want to learn. Google’s tools are not only easy to use but are most importantly free, customizable, and compatible with any device and devoid of ads.

Google Classroom for example is a tool which provides a platform for communicating with students, assigning and collecting work, and providing learning resources.

Additionally FCPL has also been involved in training the Maldivian teacher-force in Google Workspace Education.

More than 40% of teachers have been trained as Google Certified Educators Level 1 and the second round has commenced. Up to 80% of teachers will complete their training programme within the next 5 months.

FCPL has already carried out similar projects with the Ministry of Education in Sri Lanka as well. The pilot project covered approximately 48,000 students from 100 schools island wide who worked with G Suite for Education.

FCPL is a Google Cloud Premier partner, Google for Education Partner and an authorized Zoom partner headquartered in Sri Lanka with operations in Bangladesh and Maldives.

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