Access well-known educational technology tools straight from Google Classroom.


We're making it simpler for instructors to use popular EdTech products that are most effective for their class right in Google Classroom with the new seamless integration of single sign-on, assigning, and grading.

With the help of this feature, teachers can find, assign, and grade interesting content for their classes, and both teachers and students can access their EdTech tools without needing to navigate to other websites or apps or go through a cumbersome login process that requires remembering numerous usernames and passwords.
This offers a more simplified experience when using technology to affect learning, in addition to saving instructors and students time.

We partnered with 15+ EdTech companies to build custom add-ons, including Kahoot!, Pear Deck, IXL, and Nearpod.


  • For educators to use add-ons, district administrators must provide access to them. For further information on how to install the add-ons functionality and specific add-ons for a domain, OU, or group, go to the Help Center.
  • Your district may utilize this professional development package, which comes with a presentation and lesson plan, to instruct teachers on how to use add-ons after you've put them up. A genially interactive version of the professional development course was also produced by add-ons partner Genially.
  • You will see a "add-ons" module on the Assignment and Stream pages after your admin has enabled it. The list of add-ons that are available for your district is found there. To learn more about utilizing add-ons in Classroom, see the Help Center.


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