What Finetech Has To Offer : An Overview


As everyone knows, we are Google Partner in SriLanka, the world's most innovative and valued brand, to bring the solutions our customers desire to ensure that they are provided with the best in the world, state-of-the-art solutions unlike any other.


Within a few years, we have created a customer base of 400+ in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Maldives by providing the right solution at the right time. Regardless of the nature of operations, we have provided solutions for blue chip companies to help government and social sector organisations achieve their respective objectives.


Our fundamental vision is to effectively collaborate among businesses cost-effectively, enabling organisations to "go green" and achieve near paperless status. We will be there to deal with our employee's customers & suppliers.


A company's principles make up the overall foundation of a business environment, and here at FINETECH, our principles should reflect how we want our customers to view us. Principals such as,


• Responsibility is our culture

- Our employees complete all of their assigned job duties stated within the job description, and adhere to the company policies and procedures, professionally, and to the best of their ability.


Great customer satisfaction is our highest priority

- Here at FINETECH, we measure how well our company's products, services, and overall customer experience meet our customers expectations. It reflects our business' health by showing how good our products or services resonate with our customers and buyers.


Customer feedback is of an utmost importance to us

- The information provided by our customers about their experiences with our service is highly important to us, as it reveals their levels of satisfaction and helps our marketing teams understand where there is room for improvement in specific areas of our business and company.


• Teamwork skills, which help us to develop and expand our company into new and exciting territories

- Keeping  teamwork at the centre of our work culture, allows us to reap more benefits for our business, and the company as a whole. Some of the incredible benefits of having good teamwork in the workplace include the increase in productivity, development of the company’s synergy (The concept that the value and performance of two companies combined will be greater than the sum of the separate individual parts), and the overall increase in innovation through the continuous brainstorming between employees


As you can see, FINETECH consultancy has so much to offer. Not only are we partnered with some of the best tech brands of the 21st century, but we also maintain a pleasant and respectful work ethic with our employees, and a stable and just relationship with our customers and buyers, making them and their feedback the number one priority. So, choose FINETECH consultancy for all of your tech-based needs, and we promise to make your experience with us worthwhile.


This is all from our social media department. Stay tuned for more.


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