Automate HR Document Management System with Docusign

The workforce is more dispersed than ever nowadays. The new standard for HR teams is remote hiring and on boarding. Every year, growing enterprises hire hundreds of people, collecting a ton of paperwork from various employee groups, subsidiaries, and global locations. 

When a new employee joins the company, they are welcomed with a lot of paperwork, and at the back end, the HR department has to send the right documents to the right employees at the right time, everything from offer letters and employee handbooks to all other recruitment-related activities. HR people collect all the documents in a timely manner and store them for future use and audit purposes. eSignature has the ability to automatically archive completed documents to a cloud storage provider, export data to Google Sheets, and start workflows in DocSign CLM. So the HR team can streamline their HR processes and ensure that their documents are stored at the right time and in the right location.

HR teams can prevent wasting time by not manually moving documents into the appropriate folders or locations or by establishing reminders to do so. For instance, the signed Employee Handbook will be immediately archived to the designated shared HR folder if the template is called "Employee Handbook" and the employee type is "Full-time”.


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