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Google Workspace attracts business leaders and IT professionals looking to build secure, cloud-first collaboration solutions that transform how people collaborate. Here is a collection of the most recent updates from Google Workspace leaders and partners on the evolving future of work and collaboration. 

Google Workplace is a cloud-only application designed for hybrid and remote work; it prevents sensitive data from circulating in attachments or third-party storage applications, and it provides robust threat detection and protection. Employees can easily access data when it is consolidated and stored in the cloud rather than spread out on individual devices. Everyone can work more efficiently and safely if the IT team applies a single set of rules to help secure data all at once. 

Collaboration is most effective when employees can see and be seen, as well as hear and be heard, on any project. This is not always easy when the collaborators are scattered across the country. Most people have experienced being on a conference call with too much background noise. Meeting software with noise cancellation capabilities helps to alleviate these problems by amplifying voices and automatically identifying and limiting distracting sounds. Jamboard, a digital whiteboard tool, allows all team members to participate as if they were in the same room. When distance makes it difficult to get everyone on the same page, teams can save time by creating agendas and notes directly inside meeting invitations, while AI-powered document summaries, templates, and contextual information bring people up to speed, allowing them to focus on the task at hand.


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