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Google’s New Tab Groups Reinvigorate Chrome Browser

Google has introduced another superb reason for its users to stay closer with Google Products. In the new rollout (Chrome 81) has thrown out a major change which is known as “Tab Group”.  So this major roll out helps you to manage all your tabs opened at a particular time.  Simple as one, two , three Right click/double-tap on any tab Select ‘Add to new group’ Drag associated tabs into that group There are plenty of customisation choices available from here. Click on the group header (default using a colored dot) to configure the group name (tip: keep it brief to prevent wasting precious tab space), adjust the group colour, ungroup tabs or close all link tabs. You may also right-click on every tab after you build the first category to ungroup it or transfer it to either of the current groupings. As with all the greatest ideas, Tab Groups is incredibly easy and can transform the way you use Chrome. Notably, you would no longer need to have individual browser windows

Reasons to choose Google Meet over any other platform

The Covid-19 epidemic compelled workers to operate from home, Under the current situation loads of video conferencing platforms started to rise. As you have already heard about security issues of other video conferencing platforms during the past few days, we thought of sharing some outstanding reasons to use Google Meet over any other video conferencing tool. Security by Default - Only meeting creators and   calendar owners can mute or remove other participants.              - Only meeting creators and calendar owners can approve requests to join made by external participants. - Meeting pa rticipants can’t rejoin nicknamed meetings  once the final participant has left Privacy Is Non-Negotiable - Google Meet data, like any other data held on Google Cloud, is processed only as instructed by the consumer and is never used for advertising purposes. Proactive anti-hijacker protections - Google Meet uses a 25-character string to meet IDs, rendering automatic intrusion by brute-f

Migrating MicroSoft SQL Server to Google Cloud

Migration Opportunities Are you looking for an approach to build your business value by using Google Cloud Platform? As Google Cloud Platform premier partners, we have a team of certified Google Cloud developers who can help you plan, design and implement the migration process to fully get up to speed with GCP. We have customers over the years who have good  reasons for migrating to Google Cloud. Finetech is the leading Google Partner in Sri lanka, providing the best in database, application and infrastructure migration to the cloud.  Our team has done many  successful “lift and shift” and digitization projects with customers across all industries.Take  advantage of a reliable and flexible infrastructure by moving your workloads to GCP and in the meantime you can get  the whole set of cloud services to manage your data securely and build scalable applications.  Key Benefits of Migrating to GCP  Google cloud reduces the dependency on migration so that you can take advan

How Google is helping public sector agencies and educational institutions

Supporting government efforts to fight COVID-19 Due to this pandemic situation, Google has come up with a technical solution and is working with government organizations around the world on projects such as developing an Artificial Intelligence chatbots to help agencies which are overtasked ro respond more quickly to citizen requests; strengthening government websites that get critical information to the public with free content delivery network (CDN) and load-balancing services; and providing services and tools to track the spread of Covid - 19 virus. In the U.S., Google is working with the White House and other supporting institutions to develop new text and data processing techniques to look at the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19 ), the foremost extensive machine-readable coronavirus literature collection so far . How Google Cloud helps other organizations  Supporting researchers, hospitals, and more Healthcare is the most influential  industry during the p

Building your first Google Hangouts Chatbot in Apps Script

Learning to build chatbots, with all the available approaches and technologies, can seem daunting. Similarly, building Google  Hangouts chatbots  can require some early decisions on server architectures, technical implementations, and even programming languages. You could, for example, build Google Hangouts chatbots using a variety of different technologies including Cloud Functions, HTTP web services, Cloud Pub/Sub, and Webhooks, to name a few.  Fortunately for those who are in the early stages of learning to build bots for Google Hangouts, the “low code” Google Apps Script environment provides an easy path to get started. Also, because Apps Script offers native G Suite integration (including authentication), it can be the most pragmatic choice for building G Suite-centric chatbots on Google Hangouts. Here’s a step-by-step guide on how to build your first Google Hangouts chatbot using Apps Script. What is Apps Script? Apps Script is a cloud-based scripting language and ru