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Ability to mute all Google Meet participants at once rolling out to mobile platforms

  Earlier this year, Google announced the ability for meeting hosts to mute everyone all at once in Google Meet on desktops/laptop devices. This change gives the host more control by helping them prevent or stop disruptions coming from unmuted users. Meeting hosts and co-hosts are the only users in a meeting who can use the “mute all” feature. Once all participants are muted, the hosts and co-hosts cannot unmute them. However, users will be able to unmute themselves as needed. Please note: Users joining meetings using Pexip devices will not be muted. This feature is rolling out now on iOS, with availability for Android coming in later in 2021. We’ll provide an update on the Workspace Updates Blog once that becomes available.  Getting started  Admins: There is no admin control for this feature.  End users: This feature will be available by default to meeting hosts. Visit the Help Center to learn more about muting participants in Google Meet.  Roll-out  pace  Rapid Release and Scheduled

Best Practices for Using Chat in Your Organization

Quick, effective communication is critical to success and productivity, especially for hybrid organizations, and it’s why more businesses rely on a cloud chat solution. With the ability to send screenshots, documents, and files, as well as launch video and phone calls at the click of a button, chat is a powerful collaboration tool for organizations of all sizes. But even a streamlined solution like chat can get a little unwieldy as your company grows.  We’ve put together some chat best practices and our favorite Zoom Chat pro tips to help you get more done together. 1. Stay organized Chat is an efficient way to communicate with both individuals and teams across your organization. But if you’re not careful, it can be hard to find and keep track of important conversations or channels you engage with frequently.  To stay organized and keep those important conversations at your fingertips, you can:  Star your favorite chats and channels to keep them at the top of their sections. Do frequen

Easily chat with meeting participants from a Google Calendar event

What’s changing   We’re adding an option that makes it easy to chat with meeting attendees directly from Google Calendar. Within the Calendar event on web or mobile, you’ll see a Chat icon next to the guest list — simply select this icon to create a group chat containing all event participants. Please note: this only applies to participants within your organization, external attendees are not included in the chat group.This makes it simple to chat with guests before, during, or after any meeting.  Chat with event attendees directly from the Calendar event on mobile devices Chat with event attendees directly from the Calendar event on web Who’s impacted   End users  Why you’d use it   Previously, the main way to communicate with Calendar event attendees was via email. However, there are times when Chat may be preferred to email for communication. For example, sending a message that you’re running late, or sharing resources with attendees not long before the meeting starts. Now, the emai

Preparing Your Organization for the Shift to Hybrid Work

  The workplace is evolving. Traditionally, businesses have followed one of two work models: in-office, where everyone is at the office every day, or remote, where workers work from off-site locations wherever they are. Recent global events, on the other hand, have compelled firms to reconsider how and where they function. With recent technological advancements, several businesses are adopting a hybrid work paradigm in which workers can work in the office, remotely, or a combination of both. The Benefits of Hybrid Work A hybrid work paradigm can provide a number of advantages to businesses, including: Employees have more freedom with a hybrid work paradigm because they can work from anywhere, including the workplace, at home, at the airport before a business trip, and even while sitting poolside! Better work-life balance: Allowing employees to select when (or if) they wish to come into the office allows them to better arrange their personal lives, lowering stress and allowing them to s

How to Host Engaging and Memorable Webinars using Zoom

Webinars connect your company with prospects and customers, helping to generate leads and facilitate engagement. But time is precious, and your competitors are undoubtedly competing for the same mind-share. You want to provide a professional, valuable resource for those who’ve chosen to attend your session. As a webinar host, there are some considerations and valuable lessons to learn prior to driving the preparation and production of a company-sponsored webinar. Here are tips and best practices to ensure your webinars are engaging and memorable: Before the webinar Here are a few recommendations to help you prepare to host your webinar with confidence. Check your lighting/video. Make sure that you and those who will be on camera are able to be clearly seen. Check your sound/audio. Use a headset that offers you and your attendees the best overall sound.  Customize the branding of the webinar’s registration page. Get to know your audience. Ask open-ended questions on your registration pa

To serve and protect: New storage features help ensure data is never lost

  Data is a company’s most important input and asset and one of the most critical tasks is protecting it. At the same time, customers tell us they wish it were easier to get the right level of protection for their data. That can be hard to do, whether your data is on-premises or in the cloud. For example, configuring synchronous replication on-prem for a tier-one application requires you to set up, manage and monitor both networking and storage. Additionally, many organizations struggle to extend the standard protection policies they have in place for VMs to container infrastructure.  Today, we are adding extensions to our popular Cloud Storage offering, and introducing two new services, Filestore Enterprise, and Backup for Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE). Together, these new capabilities will make it easier for you to protect your data out-of-the box, across a wide variety of applications and use cases.  “Enterprise customers want to spend less time managing storage,” said Matt Eastwoo

7 Tips to Help Secure Your Webinars

  Webinars are a valuable way for today’s organizations to  connect with potential and existing customers ,  engage employees through all-hands meetings , and  run large-scale events . In order to create a  seamless and engaging webinar experience , you need to first make sure you’re providing a controlled and secure environment. At Zoom, we’ve created our platform — including our  Zoom Video Webinars  solution — with security in mind. Our webinar security controls are designed to help hosts and co-hosts manage and safeguard the experience while maximizing the potential of their session. Here are few key ways you can help secure your webinars:  7 webinar security best practices Turn off chat for attendees :   To prevent side chatter or unwarranted commentary during your webinar, you can disable the chat feature for all participants. If the host has disabled attendee chat, the host and other panelists can still chat among themselves. You can disable chat in your account settings or duri

Better understand how you’re spending your time in Google Calendar

  You can now use Time Insights in Calendar, a personalized, analytical experience on the web, to see how your time is spent across meetings and collaborators. Please note, you can only view Time Insights on a computer. With the changes to our working environments in the past year, some people have more meetings and may feel less control over how their work time is spent. Time Insights can show you this data, and help you plan your time better. With Time Insights, you’ll see information such as: Time breakdown: Based on your working hours and the types of meetings you have Time in meetings: Highlighting meeting-heavy days and time frames, as well as meeting frequencies People you meet with: Showing who you spend the most time meeting with. You can also pin key stakeholders to make sure you’re keeping in touch with them. Hovering over an individual will also highlight the meetings on your calendar that include that person This information is visible to you, not your manager—so you can a

New “End meeting for all” action in the security investigation tool

  Admins can now remove all users and end selected meetings from the security investigation tool using the new “end meeting for all” action. You can use this feature to:  End multiple meetings within your organization,  Search for and end old meetings that are being used inappropriately,  Set up a rule to end meetings based on certain user actions. For example: admins can create a rule to automatically end a meeting where a user submits an abuse report  Important note: While all Google Meet users can end a meeting while inside a meeting, this feature allows Google Workspace Enterprise Plus, Education Standard, and Education Plus admins to end meetings from the security investigation tool.  Additional details   Once the “end meeting for all” action is selected, the meeting will end for all users, including those in breakout rooms. Further, this will ensure that users cannot attend future instances of that meeting without the host being present. Users who are not on the Calendar invite f

Why do you restore an entire site when you can restore a particular page?

Why do you restore an entire site when you can restore a particular page? Yes, this can be done through Version History. In New Google Sites now you can restore, edit and republish specific pages that may have changed by mistake or been deleted.  There is no such admin control for this feature.  Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers and users with personal Google accounts.  

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Find and share GIFs in Google Chat

  A new way to interact with your colleagues. How? You can now share GIFs on Google Chat on the web. This addition is going to take you to another level as the search experience is going to be really powerful. Where? You will find a new icon among the other icons in the chat compose bar. Once you click the icon, it will expand to a new window. You can search by typing different category names like “Trending” What’s for Admins? Admins can enable or disable this GIF integration in the Admin console by going to Apps > Google Workspace > Settings for Google Chat > GIFs. This integration is enabled by default for all customers. Visit the Help Center to learn more about turning GIFs on or off in Google Chat . Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers.